Online Television

Watch, Create and Share Content From One Platform

Playku makes it easy to build, play and share channels, personalized to fit your tastes and lifestyle. Select online content from your favorite sites, and watch a continuous stream based on a schedule you design.

Find the content you want, quickly.

Select content from supported sites and produce your own channel by dragging a link or using the Playku search tools.

Smart Channels

Build a Smart Channel that automatically updates whenever new content is available. Want the latest news, sports highlights or comedy show from your favorite broadcasters? Build your Smart Channel once and let Playku deliver you fresh content on your schedule.

Time or action based scheduling

Keep pace with your busy life and design a schedule based on time or action. Start your sports highlight at 6:00 and your children’s cartoons at 6:30, automatically. Tell your channel to play jazz Friday as you start to prepare dinner for guests. Every channel has it’s own schedule built around your life.

Share it

Have a Channel you are proud of? Why not share it with your friends and family, or perhaps make it public for any Playku member to view. Once you share a Channel publicly you become a Playku Author and can earn rewards when other Playku users view your content.

Stay tuned

We’re working hard to bring you new features. If something is missing, chances are, we’re already working on it.