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The day has finally come. Our private beta launch is here and the number of people eager to sign on to create the future of television has been beyond expectations. Thank you to the early adopters! We are just getting started. We don’t have ALL the answers…. or all the greatest content (yet!), but we…

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Are You Ready for The Future of Television?

We are all Unique.  Yet, Pay-TV providers offer bundles – the same bundles for everyone – and force you to pay for channels you don’t need or want! Whether you are looking to cut the Pay-TV cord completely, or perhaps supplement your current package….get ready to take Full Control of your entertainment viewing. By 2017,…

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Welcome To Our Beta

Thank You for signing up to the Playku beta program!  We are thrilled to have such an enthusiastic group of ‘early adopters’ join us in building the future of television. The purpose of this early beta program is to polish any rough edges on the application, and ensure the user experience is Positive.  We appreciate…

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