Key Playku features

Content Selection

Produce your own channels by dragging a link or using the Playku search tools to select content from supported sites.


Build Smart Channels that automatically update whenever new content is available. Want the latest news, sports highlights or comedy show from your favorite broadcasters? Build your channels once and let Playku deliver you fresh content on your schedule.

Smart Channels

Keep pace with your busy life by adding a schedule to your channels. Start your sports highlight at 6:00 and your children’s cartoons at 6:30, automatically. Play your jazz show Friday after work as you start to prepare dinner for guests. Set up your schedule once and Playku finds and plays the content.

Channel Share

Have a channel you are proud of? Why not share it with your friends and family, or perhaps make it public for any Playku member to view. Once you share a channel publicly you become a Playku Author and and other Playku users can watch your content.

Live Event Scheduling

Schedule live events into your Channel and receive alerts to ensure you don’t miss that once- in-a-lifetime game or concert. – Coming Soon!

Authored Content

Users who make Channels public have the opportunity to earn rewards from subscribers to their content. – Coming Soon!

Mobile Apps

Free Apps are available for iOS and Android. Apps support 2nd screen streaming. – Coming Soon!


Shows can be added to any number of schedules, which provide timing, triggers and notifications for upcoming content.

Top Channels

A list of the most popular public Channels.

Playku Community

The Playku Community offers users a safe place to share their thoughts and suggestions.