How do I create a new Channel from Playku Supported Sites?


Creating your own personalized curated Playku channel is easy. Just follow these steps:


  • Select ‘Create Channel’ under the Create menu


  • Select the ‘Details’ tab
    • Enter Channel name (be as descriptive as you like)
    • Select the category you would like the Channel to appear under
    • If you would like to share your Channel with the Playku community, select ‘Shared’
    • Adding a unique icon to identify your channel is easy, just replace the file name in the ‘Thumbnail’ field with the location of your icon. For a sample of icons you can go to Google Images at: Type in the name or topic for the icon, select the preferred icon, right click on the icon and select ‘Copy image URL’. In the Playku ‘Thumbnail’ field, paste the copied link.
    • Enter any tags to help identify the Channel, separate multiple tags with a comma
    • In the ‘Description’ field, add any information you would like to appear in the player, such as content sources and any other additional information that would be useful to the community


  • Select the ‘Content’ tab
    • Select a Source from the ‘Watch The Latest From’ section
    • If preferred, edit the ‘By’, ‘Sort By’, ‘Newer Than’, ‘Duration’, ‘Older Than’ and ‘Ordinal Fields’
    • If a specific topic from the selected Source is required, enter the search criteria in the ‘Search Editor’ field
    • Select ‘Apply’ to save the source to the Channel
    • To add another source, select ‘Save’ and then repeat the above steps
    • Select ‘View/My Channels’ in the top menu to play your new Channel

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